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Download New Star Manager v1.6.4 MOD APK Unlocked for Android

Download New Star Manager v1.6.4 MOD APK Unlocked for Android

Download New Star Manager MOD APK Unlocked for Android

New Star Manager is the name of a sports genre game published by Five Aces Publishing Ltd game studio for Android mobile devices.

Football is a 90-minute game that never gets old, even if it's compressed into a mobile game in a matter of minutes.

If you love football, it is impossible not to fall in love with the New Star Manager. This game is a pleasant surprise game. When you install this game, you think you will encounter a normal game, but when you play for a few minutes, you say to yourself, Oh my God!

Amazing thing! We have to say you are right, New Star Manager is a great game and this game comes with proportions that not many mobile games have.

New Star Manager is actually a sequel to the popular game New Star Soccer It is interesting to know that this game is also available for PS, Nintendo and Windows devices.

But in the opinion of many fans and critics, the experience of the mobile version of this game is much better than that of other platform versions, which is a very important point of its kind.

While popular games like PES and FIFA dominate the big gaming platforms, New Star Manager has managed to shine on mobile devices, not only in the Android Market but in the iOS market.

The more than 1,000,000 downloads of this game in the Android Market also shows the increasing popularity of this game among the fans.

But what's all the fuss about? New Star Manager puts you in the role of a small club manager and asks you to conquer the tops of honor in various competitions and leagues by managing your own club team.

 You have the opportunity to manage your team, gain fame, earn money and credit, sign players, grow your club premises, and soon in Madrid and Liverpool with your opponents. Compete and win all the titles and be the biggest team in the world.

But in addition to managing, you can also dribble, pass, shoot and shoot and open the gates of the opposing team at critical moments.

Even in the case of an unpleasant smell, you can go back and repeat the previous position. However, as we might expect, this possibility is limited.

Download New Star Manager v1.6.4 MOD APK Unlocked for Android

Some features of  New Star Manager ;

  • All the gameplay mechanics of New Star Manager, which is very simple, both in manager mode and player mode, you will be taught in the training section, which of course is not short.
  • In general, all you need to know is that you have to use the card for all your work in this game. The cards are your players, they're talking in the locker room, it's energy drinks, it's training, it's contracts, it's promotions, cards are everywhere!
  • This card system is very well designed and eliminates all the details that used to be known as "too many details" in New Star Soccer, providing a much more elegant experience. But this card system did not reduce the depth of the game.
  • Fortunately, New Star Manager is a very deep game, which is what you would expect from a good sequel. Types of responsibilities include player contracting, player training, club management, team elite, player energy enhancement, player psychological management, construction of club buildings and stadium upgrades, hiring of managers and technical staff, as well as many more responsibilities.
  • The rest is up to you. All in all, New Star Manager is what you would expect and it will undoubtedly be a satisfying experience.
  • The gameplay is divided into two sections, manager and player, and in both sections, the developers managed to make a successful performance. The sound and graphics dimensions are also great, along with the simple controls of this game, make New Star Manager a perfect game.

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