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Download Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team v5.5.0 Apk Full for Android

Download Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team 5.5.0 Apk Full for Android

Download Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team Apk Full for Android

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is a popular and unforgettable game from the KLab game development studio for Android, which has been downloaded about 5 million times by users around the world from Google Play, and its latest update has been released in order to download it is on you!

By installing Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team on your tablet or Android phone, you can experience the mobile game of soccer players with 3D graphics and the presence of Captain Tsubasa and other famous cartoon characters in soccer!

Choose your favorite soccer players from the cartoon series of soccer players and form a team from them, then compete online with other users from all over the world, each with their own team, to win competitions and try to win medals!

Captain Tsubasa Ozora's killer shots, Kegoro Hyuga's tiger shot, and all the special and weird skills of the soccer player's cartoon characters are also present in Captain Tsubasa: Dr.
Between the curtains, the sounds and screams are also unforgettable!

As a player, you can live the story of cartoon soccer players in story mode and enjoy the excitement!

 In the story mode of the game, you go to a time when Sobasa was still in middle school and you will follow the story of the game, right?! Perhaps the story mode in this game can bring your childhood memories back to life!

Download Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team 5.5.0 Apk Full for Android

Some features of  Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team ;

  • Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team Android game is here to revive your memories after almost 15 years with Captain Tsubasa anime or football players!
  • The gameplay is a mixture of spin and soccer.
  •  Which is implemented in the best possible way and does not in any way cause a feeling of boredom for the player
  • As you progress and climb to higher levels, the excitement becomes more and more.
  • All the powers you saw in the famous football anime are here
  • From a cockroach tiger shot to a Sobasa vulture shot and an unforgettable Wakashizuma dive
  • All of them will bring you an unforgettable experience
  •  As you progress through the stages, you earn points
  • You can unlock the cards one by one
  • These cards mainly belong to one player
  • By winning matches, you will also get a rainbow ball, which by grouping 5 of them together you can get new players in the transfer section, depending on your luck.
  • In general, if you are a fan of football players, then the next game will undoubtedly catch your attention!

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