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Download DRIVE v2.2.2 MOD APK Unlocked for Android

Download DRIVE v2.2.2 MOD APK Unlocked for Android

Download DRIVE MOD APK Unlocked for Android

DRIVE is the crazy car driving and driving game from the Pixel Perfect Dude game studio for Android phones and tablets, offered for free on GOOGLE PLAY,

 And as usual, we decided to present the latest version of it for the first time: introduce racing game lovers and drive them away by releasing and placing the original!

The driving game is inspired by the action movies of the 70's and the roads of that era, there are no complicated choices in it, all you have to do is tap the screen to drive fast and crazy Enjoy!

There is no news about the stage and the mission, and you are the one who will set the record for the best driver!

As you advance and pass through the numerical path at the bottom of the screen, it increases, which shows your score, in the middle of the screen the amount of gasoline in your tank is displayed, which you should pay special attention to, because with each you lose the gasoline game and you have to try from the beginning!

If you are looking for a great racing game to fill your spare time, then DRIVE will definitely catch your eye and worth a try.

A small game under 100MB that offers a great racing game with a unique build on your tablet - Android phone.

Download DRIVE v2.2.2 MOD APK Unlocked for Android

Some features of  DRIVE ;

  • Hashtag Drive is supposed to bring you the awesome Hollywood car racing game from the 70's and 80's on your Android phone!
  • In this game, as a player, you take command and control of a car that automatically moves forward at high speed! Variety of obstacles and twisting paths along with cops who want to stop you due to their high speed are among the difficulties you will face!
  • The different tracks, including snow, desert, forest and city, also make you not feel to repeat the game environment in any way, and its environment is new to you at any moment!
  • In addition to the variety of environments, you can also see the availability of +40 different classic cars that you can collect by unlocking them one by one [of course, by installing the mod version because your money is not limited at the beginning of the game you can unlock all the cars].
  • After unlocking the cars, you will be able to upgrade them to manage their speed, durability, fuel consumption and multiply the excitement. All in all, if you want to experience a classic endless car racing game, then DRIVE Android game will undoubtedly grab your attention and is worth a try.

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