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Download Mini Football v1.6.6 Apk Full for Android

Download Mini Football v1.6.6 Apk Full for Android

Download Mini Football Apk Full for Android

Mini Football is a simple but very fun and competitive game from the famous and beloved studio in Switzerland, which has been making revolutionary games like Basketball Stars and for years. , Flip Master, Eight Ball Pool, Golf Battle, Football Strike, Bowmasters and perhaps the most famous football stars have become very popular among mobile game lovers and have managed to find a very good place in the video game industry.

So stay tuned for the introduction and review of Mini Football.

The mini-soccer game is a simple but very interesting effect, of course, similar versions of it were produced and published by other studios.

In this game, you go to a small and simplified world of the famous football world. Where you have to manage the soccer team, participate in many online competitions with real rivals and try to score goals and win in these competitions.

This game is called Mini Soccer because everything in it is designed to be small and simple.

From the players to the stadium, they are all small and with funny designs that make mini football have an interesting fantasy feel.
Download Mini Football v1.6.6 Apk Full for Android

Some features of  Mini Football ;

  • In Mini Football, not as a coach, but directly in the role of the players on the field, you have to pass correctly, dribble, run, steal the ball, and finally get close to the opponent's goal and shoot accurately.
  • Points and winning competitions are in front of you one by one.
  • The style and context of these competitions are quite similar to the popular games of Miniclip studio, especially Soccer Stars.
  •  Mobile Soccer, the conditions are designed so that players can play in different competitions with the amount of money, experience and abilities.
  • There are a variety of rooms gradually stacked with more inputs in this game and you can choose whichever you like.
  • Of course, to enter the rooms, you must have at least the same amount as those rooms require an entrance fee.
  • After entering the rooms, you can press the play button to randomly and automatically place another player in front of you.
  • Then you can enter the game and play it.
  • In Mini Football there are many different and attractive sections, one of them is the management and customization of the team and the formation of players.
  • You can even buy your own stadium or upgrade players and other in-game items and use hundreds of other custom items to customize you.
  • This beautiful and simple game in less than a week has crossed 5 million active downloads on Google Play and managed to score 4.4 out of 5.0.

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