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Download Online Soccer Manager (OSM) 20/21 v3.5.36.1 Apk Android

Download Online Soccer Manager (OSM) – 20/21 v3.5.36.1 Apk Full for Android

Download Online Soccer Manager (OSM) 20/21 Apk Android 

Online Soccer Manager (OSM) - 20/21 - Director of Football Online (Premier Coach) is one of the most common and most popular football management games and the best football games and director Saker for Android, which launched GameBasics BV Studio and now another update.

With version for download and you are before!
Do you want to be your favorite football team?!
 The online football manager offers you the opportunity!

This whole free game has been built and includes all football and clubs around the world and reached the best football management experience in your Android device!

If you are interested in this pattern of enthusiasts, now install the game on your phone, and then manage your club and manage everything, including combination, tactics, training, remittances, etc!
Waiting for you more than 10 million player around the world joining the game!
Need a new attacker!?

Send your message to Spain and buy a new player! Your land is not good enough!?
Upgrade your custom land!
Is there a problem for the player or coach?!

Send your lawyer to solve it! As a football, all these things must be done at the best possible way so you can bring your custom team to the top.

If you are looking for one of the most complete and ideal football management games, do not miss online football manager (OSM);
This game is well dependent with building and experience value.

Download Online Soccer Manager (OSM) – 20/21 v3.5.36.1 Apk Full for Android

Some features of  Online Soccer Manager (OSM) 20/21 ;

  • Placed in the role of football coach and carry out a variety of teamwork
  • Adopt their team's suitable tactics based on the skills of players
  • Conducting team transults on international level
  • Choosing the deserves captain for the team, monitoring his performance and pointing out the points to him
  • Analysis of the status and overall performance of your dedicated team and players singly
  • Regular presence at team practice and monitor player exercises
  • Putting the best player in any place fits their skills
  • Hire an efficient physician for your own team
  • Perform decisions for designing and preparing your own team
  • Analysis of the football league status in the past and current season to get the best decisions
  • Regular updates by adding new and newer features to play!

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