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Download State of Survival v1.13.56 APK Full For Android

Download State of Survival v1.13.56 MOD APK

Download State of Survival APK Full For Android

State of Survival is the name of a fun and beautiful game in the style of strategy games and has been released for free with in-app purchases by the American studio KingsGroup Holdings for the Android operating system.

We have also decided to prepare the latest official update at your request and prepare it for free and direct download.

This game is based on works such as comic books or famous movies and series about the zombie apocalypse, especially The Walking Dead or The Walking Dead.

Like anime games or The Dead series, where almost all of its content has been spent on characterizations, we see in State of Survival multiple characterizations.

According to the story of the game, the world is infected with a deadly virus that turns humans into zombies and deadly creatures. Now, 6 months have passed since this horrific event, almost all the inhabitants of the planet, except for a few humans, have been infected with this virus, and now the world is being invaded by zombies!

There are no government agencies or military forces that want to help people.

You are one of the lucky few who haven't become these creatures yet.

The survivors found each other and created an area called Survival State to provide security for each other.

But there are others who are not willing to work with you and your group.

Some are self-employed, but many are survivors who only work for their lives.

That's why they are worse than zombies and spare nothing to kill and pillage your resources!

Download State of Survival v1.13.56 MOD APK

Some features of  State of Survival ;

  • In State of Survival, you enter a new world.
  • A world where there is no excitement and everything is gone because of the virus.
  • But do not despair because there is still a way to live in this world.
  • Food resources and life supplies are very limited, but you must find and collect them before the hands of opponents and enemies reach them.
  • You have to build a base in strategic play and manage it with your own forces.
  • You can join other survivors or fight groups of others.
  • In the meantime, watch out for zombies because there is a massive flood of them around you.
  • By searching and using various resources, you can create new things and get useful items.
  • Your main task is to save the lives of survivors who can be members of your group.
  • There is also an interesting section in State of Survival as a research section where you can find solutions to deal with viruses and diseases by searching for them.
  • All in all, in this survival game, you have to build a new small civilization and not let the deadly virus wipe out humanity.
  • There are many enemies and friends along the way that you need to interact well with. State of Survival scored an acceptable score for graphics and designs.
  • The gameplay is strategic and seen from the third person mode.
  • You can explore the resources in this cruel world to explore for resources, build and manage your own base, or engage in tactical battles with zombies or other humans.

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