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Download The Arcana v2.19 MOD APK Unlocked For Android

Download The Arcana v2.19 MOD APK Unlocked For Android

Download The Arcana MOD APK Unlocked For Android

The Arcana is a great simulation game style published by Nix Hydra game studio for Android devices.

This game is actually a visual novel with a mysterious atmosphere. There are elements of magic and even romantic elements in this game and the way it is played is based on the story.

When you enter the game, you are faced with your first choice and your adventure begins. Players must choose their gender first and choose a name that matches the main character in the game.

The story of the game starts from Asra's magic shop, which is one of the game characters You are the main character in the role of Asra's apprentice. Asra leaves the shop for unknown reasons and travels without telling you where to go.

After a short time you meet Nadia, the lady of who you were, and realize that it was her hand of fate that directed you. He dreams that you will get the Tarot for him and now he has come to your store to invite you to the palace.

After Nadia leaves the shop, a man named Julian, who is a doctor, enters the shop and looks for families. It tells you that Asra is a dangerous person and you should inform him as soon as he returns from the trip.

The next morning, your story begins at Mrs. Kent's mansion, but on the way you meet a strange man who calls himself Muriel.

It tells you that there is a great danger lurking in you and in the future you will meet someone who wants to give you something but you should not accept it because if you accept it you will be trapped.

Then she meets Portia, who is Nadia Ndima, and she helps you enter the palace. There she meets Nadia at a dinner party and she tells you the story of her husband's murder.

His wife, Kenneth Lucio, threw a splendid masquerade banquet, but was murdered and burned alive at the last banquet. Her killer has not been caught but now Nadia asks you to help her find her husband's killer!

Download The Arcana v2.19 MOD APK Unlocked For Android

Some features of  The Arcana ;

  • The gameplay and story line of The Arcana: A Mystic Romance are impressive.
  • In addition to the story of the game, you can fall in love with one of the characters and follow a romantic path.
  • Each character has their own motivations and backgrounds that are often full of mysteries and mysteries.
  • As mentioned earlier, this game is story-driven, but the strength of the game lies in the visual design of the novel.
  •  Unlike most European and American fantasy games stories, the narration of this game has an Arabic character and its artistic designs are very impressive.
  • The mystery of the game is revealed after 22 episodes which is the main card game Arcana.
  • The graphics of the game are very interesting and attention to detail has been given to the design of the characters.
  • The choice of colors such as purple, green, pink and gold inspires a mysterious and magical atmosphere and brings a unique atomic and astrology themed game experience to players.

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