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Download BitLife Life Simulator v2.8 MOD APK For Android

Download BitLife Life Simulator v2.8  MOD APK For Android

Download BitLife Life Simulator MOD APK For Android

BitLife - Life Simulator is a Simulation style game developed and published by Candywriter, LLC for Android devices.

This game is of high quality and well made, and thanks to its wonderful and of course simple gameplay, it has managed to attract the attention of many players around the world in a very short time, and with more than 10,000,000 active installs, it is one of the most popular Become games on Android Market!

So if you want to become a perfect citizen before you die and make all the right decisions in your life, we suggest you don't miss BitLife - Life Simulator.

In this game, you can marry the man or woman of your dreams, have children, and choose a good job for yourself.

Or maybe you want to betray your spouse and have a secret affair, commit a crime, smuggle, go to jail, or start a riot.

Everything depends on you. This game is about the decisions you make. You have to make these decisions from the lists that appear to you and see the result.

When you start the game, you are born by chance in a country and your parents are responsible for your upbringing. As a kid, you can't interact much with the world at first, and all you can do is see a doctor.

The older you get, the more you interact with the world.

From the age of 4, you can talk to your parents and ask them for money.

At the age of six you can go to school and at an older age you can go to the club, get a degree, go to the cinema, go to the library, do yoga, meditate and travel.

In the meantime, you might meet someone at places like the cinema and the library and invite her to a coffee shop and start a romantic relationship.

Download BitLife Life Simulator v2.8  MOD APK For Android

Some features of  BitLife Life Simulator ;

  • Also, in the game BitLife - Life Simulator, most of the activities are released at the age of 18.
  • For example, you can choose decent jobs to become a pilot, firefighter, doctor and teacher,
  • Or you can choose obscene jobs, commit grand thefts, pickpocket, strangle and kill people you know Bring or choose someone to kill you that you don't know.
  • You will also be responsible for how the crimes of murder, pickpocketing, theft, teacher, driving, medicine and other decisions are committed,
  • Choosing each of them will lead to different outcomes and scenarios. In addition to all this,
  • You can even do plastic surgery for yourself and change everything.
  • Some decisions, such as plastic surgery or travel, will cost money, and this cost will be met during the game by your job or some of the activities offered to you in the game.
  • Overall, this attractive and entertaining game has many interesting and positive features and will undoubtedly bring a unique experience.
  • The game mechanism is easy to learn and the controls are easy, but to play the game you must speak English fluently.

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