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Download Death Park v1.8.5 MOD APK Unlocked For Android

Download Death Park v1.8.5 MOD APK Unlocked For Android

Download Death Park MOD APK Unlocked For Android

It is a fun and exciting arcade style game designed and developed with a scary and horrifying theme. Russian studio Euphoria Horror Games, creator of other horror games such as Antarctica 88,

Farsroid has provided this game in a tested form for download after the necessary testing and tests, and has provided its latest version along with a separate mod version for download, to delight the fans of scary arcade games once again.

Euphoria Horror Games Studio, as its name suggests, is an active horror game making studio. T

The company intends to compete with competitors such as the Keplerians by offering a series of Death Park games.

Death Park: Scary Clown Survival Horror game is designed and developed based on the negative character of the IT movie series.

If you have watched this series of movies, you must know that its scary character is a deformed and horrific clown named Pennywise who specializes in hunting children.

Download Death Park v1.8.5 MOD APK Unlocked For Android

Some features of   Death Park ;

  • Now in Death Park we see a simulation of this movie designed and developed in a different style.
  • This time you are in the role of a spectator, but also in the role of the main character of the game, and you have to try to save yourself in a very stressful and frightening situation.
  • You play as a person who gets lost on his way home in the middle of the night and enters a deserted game town.
  • In this game city, which was abandoned many years ago and no entry is allowed, there is an old and strange circus.
  • There is a clown in this circus who has been working for many years.
  • This clown turns into a horrific killer several years ago, his look and image changes from a funny circus clown to a very terrifying and ugly clown, he begins to hunt and kill people, especially children, and so on.
  •  Games City, this complex is closed.
  • Now, as one who knows nothing, you enter the conquered toy city and get stuck in it.
  • Your curiosity makes you go places you shouldn't go!
  • Unfortunately, the scary clown in this city notices your presence and wanders around the game to find you.
  •  You must find a way out to escape and save your life; But finding a way out is more difficult than you think.
  • The clown started putting so many riddles and riddles that you cannot easily escape from this place until he has enough time to find you.
  • In Death Park you have to focus all your attention on the two main parts.
  • The first part is finding riddles, clues and solving puzzles so you can finally find a way out, but the second part is hiding from the scary clown!
  • Do not forget that it is sensitive to sound, and when he approaches your place, you should hide and do not move until he does not find you.
  •  Will you succeed in escaping from this deserted game city?
  • So download Death Park game now and try this scary adventure.

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