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Download Dino Bash v1.6.2 MOD APK Unlocked For Android

Download Dino Bash v1.6.2 MOD APK Unlocked For Android

Download Dino Bash MOD APK Unlocked For Android

Dino Bash is a new, very beautiful and unique game in the style of strategy games for Android, presented by the game development studio Tilting Point for free on Google Play, and at your request, its latest version with download mode is available and in front of you.

The general story of the game is that dinosaurs and their eggs have been attacked by hungry cavemen and you are the only one who can save them.

Join the Jurassic War and lead the dinosaurs in the Jurassic war against the first humans and defend the dinosaur eggs against their cruel appetite!

To prevent the extinction of the dinosaurs, build a ground defense, launch air strikes and summon the dinosaurs!

There are a variety of different dinosaurs including T-Rex, Triceratops, and Raptors that you can use in your fights against humans.

There are many defense tools available, including volcanic bombs, icebergs, hidden traps, and more that you can use to defeat the invaders.

It is also possible to upgrade and increase your strength, so that by earning points you are able to unlock the upgrade of your troops and gradually make your troops stronger and stronger so that they can defend the target with more strength.

If you are a fan and fan of strategic defense games, you can be sure that Dino Bash will grab your attention with its excellent build.

Download Dino Bash v1.6.2 MOD APK Unlocked For Android

Some features of  Dino Bash ;

  • Defend the dinosaurs against the first humans
  • Trying to prevent dinosaurs from becoming extinct
  • Use dinosaurs to fight the invaders
  • Defending dinosaur eggs against early humans
  • Includes +100 unique and exciting stages
  • HD graphics, addictive gameplay and fantastic build

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