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Download Very Little Nightmares v1.2.2 Apk Full For Android

Download Very Little Nightmares v1.2.2 Apk Full For Android

Download Very Little Nightmares Apk Full For Android

Very Little Nightmares is the name of one of the most beautiful and long-awaited games of recent years, which has been waiting for millions of players around the world from the moment it was introduced until its release, and finally after several words and sayings. And

After more than a year of development, this game has been created and published by the European branch of the Japanese company and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, creator of titles such as TEKKEN, Chroma Squad, One Piece Treasure Cruise, NARUTO X BORUTO and Sword Art Online: Integrated Factor.

Very Little Nightmares is available for the relatively high price of $6.99 for mobile operating systems, including Android.

In Little Nightmares, famous for her fun style and unique designs, you play an innocent and funny girl who is stuck in a long nightmare and enters a strange and mysterious world to escape from the hands of monsters. .. claws.

This world is designed just like a nightmare, it's amazing, mysterious, special, scary and of course funny at the same time! The little girl, the main character of the game, wears the famous yellow raincoat.

This place where this girl was stuck seems to be a large and deserted mansion, the owner is not happy to have this girl there and he is doing everything to chase her!

Now like this kid you have to try to find a way out of this big mansion and be free in this violent world by solving puzzles and riddles and finding ways to escape!

The story of the game has an amazing and special complexity that, despite its simplicity, can seem mysterious and terrifying.

 This funny and poor girl herself does not know how she got out of this cursed place where everything is against her and all she wants is to escape from this mansion!

Download Very Little Nightmares v1.2.2 Apk Full For Android

Some features of  Very Little Nightmares ;

  • Excellent and exemplary graphics with modern designs
  • Very fun gameplay with a combination of different genres
  • Point and Click style of play
  • Very compelling storyline
  • Taken from the original title Little Nightmares
  • Puzzle and enigmatic stages with a dark, mysterious and mysterious theme
  • There are all kinds of physical, logical, mental and challenging puzzles
  • Existence of different locations and travel to different parts of a large mansion
  • Existence of various threats, traps and enemies
  • Existence of numerous mysteries and hidden items during the stages
  • Optimized for great performance on multiple devices

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