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Download DYSMANTLE APK for Android

Download DYSMANTLE APK for Android is the name of a new action-style game. The story of the game is that you are a survivor of a horrific event.

Download DYSMANTLE APK for Android

DYSMANTLE is the name of a new action-style Android game from the game studio DOCOOL LIMITED.

The new game that we have prepared for you in this article is an attractive and fun title in the style of action and adventure, which, with a very strong story focus, allows you to enjoy the experience of being in the world of the apocalypse.

Take it and face different challenges.

The story of the game states that you, as a survivor of an apocalyptic event, left your shelter after many years and now a completely new and unpredictable world awaits you.

Evil creatures live in the world around you. At first glance, it seems that there are no survivors but you, and the world is ruled by the nature that exists.

The situation will not be the same and it may make the world worse than the current situation.

It is your duty to find a way to escape from the island to save your life; But before that, playing a role in this terrible situation can be attractive and nice to you.

You can now download the DYSMANTLE game with a direct link.

DYSMANTLE APK Download for Android


  1. The ability to break and destroy environmental objects with appropriate tools
  2. The possibility of conflict with unknown creatures
  3. Possibility of adventure in an open world
  4. The ability to collect weapons, tools, clothes, etc. to survive
  5. The ability to solve all kinds of challenging riddles and puzzles
  6. Having excellent graphics and sound