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Download Merge Villa 1.31.280 Apk Full for Android

Download Merge Villa Apk Full for Android 

Merge Villa - Villa Reconstruction is a fun and well-made game from the famous Lion Studios in the management and adventure style of the puzzle game category, completely free, but with in-app payment for Android.

 Lion Studios is one of the creative developers who have released a variety of games in different genres.

 In this article from Farsroid website, we intend to introduce another beautiful and entertaining game in this studio called Merge Villa as the first Iranian website for you guys.

In addition to the original version of Google Play, we have prepared a separate version of the mod so that if you want to try the modified version of the game, you can download it for free and test it from 
the end of this article and enjoy the plot. 

Download  Merge Villa 1.31.280 APK Mod

;Some features of  Merge Vil

  • Merge Villa is a puzzle game with a management nature. Like many other games of this genre, this game consists of two main parts;
  • part One; It is the puzzle part of the game, which is related to simple and sometimes fun puzzle and puzzle games. In this section, you have to create another item by combining similar items, as well as equipment and tools for home repair and renovation. By doing these puzzles, you will get resources, points, money and tools for management tasks.
  • In the next part; From Merge Villa, you have to choose from a variety of options as an interior designer.
  •  The story of the game revolves around a family villa that was badly damaged after the tsunami and needs rebuilding.
  •  The main character of the game is called Alice. This villa is for Alice's grandparents and she goes to this villa to visit them and encounters the unfavorable condition of this house.
  •  So he decided to renovate the villa with the help of his grandparents to do so, he needs your help to make this villa better and more beautiful from day one by solving puzzles and helping manage the decoration!
  • You can even customize your pet. Besides the fun gameplay, great puzzles and interesting game directions, you can also enjoy the stories, the presence of different characters in the game and the conversations between them, and follow the story of the game while having fun.

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