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Download Slingshot Stunt Driver v1.9.8 MOD APK Unlocked for Android

Download Slingshot Stunt Driver  MOD APK Unlocked for Android

Slingshot Stunt Driver is a simple but very attractive and fun game that is designed and developed with an idea that is not special but exciting.

 Farsroid will prepare this game at the same time as it is published on Google Play and we will introduce it to you guys.

Apart from the original version of Google Play, we have provided this game an exclusive modified version of your service.

 In Slingshot Stunt Driver, you travel to the interesting world of a toy car that works as a real sports car with interesting simulation.

 Your task in this game is to go through different stages and to be successful in each stage, you must do the main objective of each of these stages correctly.

 The main objective of Slingshot Stunt Driver is to start the game with a square that is tens or even a few hundred meters away from you.

 You need your car to reach this point. But how do you do that?

 With the help of a slingshot!

 The slingshot is used for children's slingshot, which is made of a double and connected stick and a clamp fixed on both sides of these sticks.

In the middle of this bobbin is a larger piece of cloth or plastic with a beam inside (often small stones). Now imagine a slingshot with a toy car instead of a stone!

 Let's go

Download Slingshot Stunt Driver v1.9.8 Mod APK

Some features of  Slingshot Stunt Driver;

  • In Slingshot Stunt Driver, you have to pull the car backwards at the beginning of each stage of the game to make the cache stretch.
  •  Then you have to aim and determine the amount of energy, the amount and degree of the target, then fire the car to be thrown forward at once with the force of the spring and back.
  • Note that the main criterion is not to hold the slingshot, the main criterion is to aim correctly and fill the required amount of power until your car reaches the setpoint, no matter how far you stop or cut your car, you are a loser and you have to repeat this step again.
  • So do not forget that you have to throw the car so that a certain card moves towards the square and enters it.
  •  At the end of each stage of the game, you can upgrade the three main elements of the game, namely Bonus, Engine and Slingshot in a few dozen stages.
  •  You can also change your car from the store and buy and unlock better and different cars randomly. Slingshot Stunt Driver, although it does not have anything special to offer in terms of graphics, the truth is that the overall graphic structure of the game is excellent and has good proportions in terms of size.
  •  Car movements, collisions with obstacles and the like are designed to be physically realistic.

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